Patient Medication Management & Adherence

Medication management & adherence has always been important. However, now more than ever providers and patients should focus on managing medication and increasing adherence.

If providers are writing similar medications for patients, not only are patients being exposed to redundant therapy but also having to come out of pocket for their prescriptive needs. Most insurances are not coving duplicative therapies as patients are being exposed to potential overdoses or run the risk of increased interactions.

Our pharmacies offer patient opt-in programs for medication reminders, refill reminders and can even blister pack medications in an easy to use format that minimizes opportunities for patient error.

Another program that is offered is the medication synchronization program. All patient medications (regardless of how many medications a patient is on) can be synced to be filled in a one month, convenient schedule. Once patient has authorized this service for their prescriptions, we reach out to the providers and take care of the rest. All that is left for the patient to do is pick up the medication on the day designated as the most convenient for them.

These programs are all patient driven and patient optional. Meaning, our pharmacies offer all of these services but will not automatically enroll patients on these programs as at the end of the day, certain Wellness choices are up to the patient and we will honor respective wishes.